About Ageless Style…The Background Story

About Our Blog…Why We Wanted a Voice!

We created the Ageless Style blog for women of all ages. We question some advice given regarding age-appropriate style and attire. As a result, we believe that advice is no longer wise or relevant. Today’s woman can and should be a fashion rule breaker. Above all, the ageless style attitude is wearing what is comfortable and fits your body type. Does ageless style mean that the mature woman can wear a miniskirt? Yes, if she feels comfortable and confident with the styling. Certainly, the rule of no miniskirt after a certain age is passé. Does ageless style mean that the younger woman can wear sophisticated classic looks? Yes, today’s younger woman is often stereotyped with clothing choices of questionable good taste.

In conclusion, looking great at any age requires a thoughtful definition of your personal style. You need to do it the right way. First impressions take only several seconds…and your fashion style is a key contributor. Ageless Style is here to help you discover what best defines your personal glam. We will show you that the mature and millennial woman can share common items of clothing but style them in a unique manner. Ageless Style will take fashion risks and break some rules. You can decide if you want to try that look. Come and join us on this adventure! Fashion is fun!

Finally, we want to invite all women to join the discussion as we challenge the fashion tenets and promote ageless style.
Best regards,
Steph and Paula

♥ ♥For a good read about ageless style, follow this link to an article in Harpers Bizarre.

Introducing Steph…

Meet Steph, our thirty-something millennial.

Steph is an accomplished fashion retail professional in roles as a manager and stylist. She joined the Ageless Style team to help the mature and younger women she meets every day. The mature women comment that clothing items are “too young” for them. As a result, they stereotype themselves into the old and dowdy category and promote fashion ageism. Steph is also concerned about the younger woman’s image. She sees many peers in either sloppy or extremely revealing attire. These younger women can’t see how their image affects many aspects of their lives. In addition, Steph is an accomplished photographer and has plans to model.  She has an active Instagram account where she expresses her personal style and fun with fashion. Follow her Instagram at @hashtagretired.  She welcomes all new subscribers!

Introducing Paula…

Meet Paula…our sixty-something baby boomer. Meet Coco…Ageless Style’s official mascot.

Paula has a professional background in education and science. However, beneath her lab coat was a fashionista dying to be set free. She has always loved fashion…since the emergence of Twiggy and London’s Carnaby Street. As Paula grew older, she noticed that her clothing options were becoming dull and boring. She wanted to appear young and vital on the outside as she felt on the inside. She was not a dowdy mature woman. Always a rebel, Paula is not afraid to try new looks and loves to experiment with style. The scientist in her is alive and well. Paula met Steph when she worked at Steph’s high-end store during Christmas. Paula also noted her customers’ fashion styles and felt that women of all ages could benefit from a movement like Ageless Style. Like Steph, she is excited to be part of this adventure.

Disclosure Statement

Any products used in our postings were purchased by Steph and Paula for the website.  If we obtain gifted items or compensation for any item, we will disclose that information within the posting.  We write all the content for the website.  Our statements within Ageless Style reflect our personal opinions.


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