Fall 2018 Preview: Handbag Trends

It may be too early to wear our fall fashions.   But it is never too early to check out the new handbag trends.  And how we love a new handbag to kick off fall!

This fall, we’re ditching our shoulder strapped totes and crossbody bags.  Yes, our bag might come with the optional long strap, but this fall is about HANDBAGS.  Short straps are back and we’re not going larger than a medium-sized purse.

Designers are showing bags in unconventional shapes, funky materials, and with stand-out details like fringe, feathers, and chunky chain handle. We’ll be seeing a lot of geometric shapes and interesting embellishments on our straps.  Our straps might be metal, leather, embroidered or studded.  Suede fabrics and soft leathers are IN and cross-hatched hard leather is OUT. 

Rule of thumb this season:  Your bag should be held by the elbow or hand.

Let Ageless Style preview some of the fall trends for you.

The Box Bag

These boxy bags are very structured and ladylike with a vintage vibe.  They look like something you would find at an estate sale.   Some brands have created mini-suitcase designs. 

Louis Vuitton 

kate spade new york


The Animal Print Bag

Animal prints seem to endure season to season.  This fall is no exception.  The prints get a 2018 update. 

J Crew


The Fur Bag

Fur is so festive for fall.  Make way for faux fur bags with fur accents, strap details, and full fur bags.

Shrimps Una Bag

Leith at Nordstrom

The Fringe Bag

We saw a huge trend with fringe this summer.  This trend continues into fall with lots of fringe on handbags.  

Micheal Kors

Seventh Avenue

The Top Handle Bag

We mentioned earlier that Fall 2018 is the season of the handbag.  You will see more purses held rather than draped on the body.  The decorative handles are made from a variety of designs using metal, leather, fur or embroidered materials.  These bags often come with a strap if you want to go hands-free.

Thacker at Bloomingdales

Loeffler Randall at Bloomingdales


The Fanny Pack

Yes, the fanny pack has returned!  A great hands-free option for you.  You can wear these bags crossbody rather than on the fanny for an updated look.






The New Chain Handle

This version is not like your classic Chanel chain handle!  In 2018 style, the chain is oversized and edgy.  I bet you could use it to ward off any mugger!

Top Shop



Wow! Quite the fashion tour! Did you find anything that you can’t live without? A handbag is a very personal item. As you can see, the designers have so many styles, colors, and materials available this fall. Time to go shopping!

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Going shopping for my new bag now!

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