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Hi Ageless Style Fashionistas! In our Fall 2018 preview, Ageless Style reported an easy and inexpensive trend to adopt. That trend is the novelty leg – colored and patterned tights. Tights are not new, and most of us wear them. But what we are not wearing?  We rarely see tights with patterns, prints, or bright colors. 

Why should you try the novelty leg look?

A simple outfit is easily transformed by the addition of patterned, textured or printed tights. Think about it! This small detail packs a big punch, especially to a wear-to-work outfit!  Are you bored seeing women in black dresses, black or nude tights, and black shoes?  Yes, you can accessorize with jewelry – but why not tights?

Wearing tights is actually a health benefit for your legs. People, who stand or sit all day, will benefit the most. The tights’ compression assists blood circulation in your legs. 

Ladies, why does blood circulation in your legs matter?  Without proper blood circulation from your heart to your legs, women are prone to develop varicose and spider veins.  Varicose veins are no longer functional (i.e., your heart is no longer circulating blood throughout your legs). Ever wonder why your legs are sore or itchy all the time? Varicose veins eventually break out into spider veins, which is why some women wear tights in the first place – to hide them! 

How do you style the novelty leg look?

The variety of patterned stockings is amazing. There are fishnet, paisley, floral, lace, brushed sweater, metallic, eyelet, diamond patterned, plaids, chevron patterned tights and more- all available in many colors. Wow! I am exhausted.

So keep those legs tight in tights!  There is no how-to-wear tights guide.  It’s simple.  Pick your favorite print, your favorite black dress, and ANY shoe.  If you’re daring, experiment with the look!  If you’re nervous, we suggest starting with the sheer black tights with tiny black dots.  They’re always a winner!

Here I am in my patterned tights paired with a metallic dress!


You can find our favorite stocking brands listed in the links below.

$        Hue (You can find these at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales.)                              

$$     Calzedonia

$$$  Wolford 

Be adventurous in your outfit combinations. You will have a lot of fun. It is such an easy way to reinvent your existing wardrobe.

Till our next visit.


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