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In earlier posts Ageless Style showed you how wearing the right color can make you look younger (Wear the Right Color to Look Younger…Part One and Wear the Right Color to Look Younger…Part Two).  Just as we have changes in our skin undertones as we age, our hair also changes.  If you haven’t changed your hairstyle since 1970, you may want to read further.

Denise Lopez

I approached my hair fashion expert, Denise Lopez (Frederick Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach), for some style advice.  Denise is a recognized hair expert and artist for women and men.  Denise believes your hair should complement your overall silhouette.  I completely trust her to tell me the truth about my look.  Several years ago, she gently guided me to consider a different option for highlighting my hair.  My hair was over processed and dull.  I listened to her and was happy with my decision.  I wanted to share her advice with you.  Here is my interview with Denise.

Ageless Style:  At our first meeting, you taught me the importance of my hair as an accessory.  Can you explain to my readers?

Denise:  Yes, of course. When you walk into a room, your hair is the first feature noticed.  Hair is the one accessory you wear every day. It is important to maintain a healthy head of hair.  When you spend a little extra money on your hair, it speaks volume.  Even if you are just wearing gym clothes, your hair will make you feel like you like a million dollars.  Good hair…great feeling.

Ageless Style:  What changes happen to our hair as we age?

Denise:  As we age, our complexion and hormone levels change.  Turning gray is just one of the visible signs of aging.  Hair texture and thickness will transition.  Our hair may become thinner and more fragile.  

Ageless Style:  What advice would you give to any woman seeking a new hairstyle?

Denise:  Communication is everything between you and your stylist.  A great stylist will consult with you on each appointment.  You need to form a partnership with your stylist fostering open communication about any style concerns.  Your hair’s needs will change as you mature…so be open to changing styles.  Find a new style and color that will flatter you.

Ageless Style:  Do you have some hairstyle do’s and don’ts for us?


Yes, absolutely. 

  • Your hair needs to complement your features.
  • Length does not matter. Yes, mature women look fabulous with hair at any length. 
  • A stylist works with your hair’s texture and determines its best shape.
  • Embrace your gray hair. If it looks great, go gray! 
  • Don’t go with the latest hair trends.
  • If you color your hair, make sure your color has dimension.
  • Select a color flattering to your current complexion. Don’t be tempted to go back to the color of your youth.
  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner.  There are many available that do not break your bank account.
  • Don’t shampoo daily.  Alternate shampoos to prevent hair from getting used to the products.  You should be using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to remove water residue, product build-up, and chemicals in your water.

Working with these guidelines will give you the best possible outcome for your most important accessory.

Ageless Style:  Thanks, Denise.  You told me you initiated an Instagram account to showcase your work.  How can the Ageless Style readers reach you there?

Denise:  You can find me on Instagram at hairbydenise4u.

If you are in the West Palm Beach area, contact Denise for a consultation.  I promise you…you won’t regret it.

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