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A Fashion Blogger’s Don’t List – How Does Ageless Style Measure Up?

Ageless Style is a new fashion blog. Steph and I are in the process of learning what works and what doesn’t work. We are reading lots of articles, listening to any blog feedback, and relating our information from a non-commercial viewpoint. Our blog relates our opinions as fashion consumers.

In case you didn’t know…Fashion blogs first appeared in the blogosphere prior to 2002. They originated as online diaries and developed into a new media offering instantaneous fashion sharing and reviewing.

Both the number of fashion blogs and the number of media mentions has grown considerably since then. Currently, there are no accurate estimates for the number of fashion blogs. From a personal viewpoint, I believe there are too many to count. And all blogs are competing for the same select audience.

As we start our fashion blog experience, Ageless Style is going to make mistakes. We are trying to be different than the hundreds of fashion blogs out in the blogosphere. We want to share information and educate our readers. I recently stumbled upon a hilarious post on the Dressful blog by Eva Domijan outlining some tips on becoming a popular fashion blogger.

In the spirit of poking fun at oneself, we want to share Ageless Style’s observations on our favorite tips. Let’s see if Ageless Style is guilty or not guilty of doing these items. You be the judge and jury along with us. 

Have a photographer boyfriend with DSLR camera in auto-mode follow you everywhere.”

Steph and I have special people in our lives taking photos for us. Ageless Style has no budgeted item for a photographer. In fact, we have no budget.



“Wear so many “it” designer items at once that you end up looking like you got your outfit at H&M.”

Ageless Style does not have access to much designer clothing. But our outfits can come from H&M…so guilty here.



“When you have no new outfit pictures, do a post showcasing your jewelry collection …”

When we have no new outfit pictures, we do posts like this one. We don’t have fabulous jewelry collections.



“Stand pigeon-toed in outfit photos and pose with your head tilted at a 45-degree angle.”

I am no model. But I try. That’s why you see me in awkward poses. On the other hand, Steph photographs so well. She is a natural. So, pay attention to her photos.



“Wear the same pieces as all other fashion bloggers to show off your unique personal style.”

Please give us a little slack here. There are only so many items of clothing. To be unique, we need our own clothing line!



“Always wear the same make-up. Five bonus points if it doesn’t suit your facial features, your outfit and/or the time of the day.”

We are probably guilty of this one. We don’t really have any makeup expertise. Ageless Style welcomes any volunteer makeup artist to help us.



“Use a cute fluffy animal as an accessory in outfit photos.”

Very guilty here. I have enlisted Coco, my calico, as the official Ageless Style mascot.



“Post outfits composed entirely of gifted pieces.”

Ageless Style has not been noticed by anyone in a commercial venue with one exception…Steph’s and Paula’s credit card companies.



“Lots of fringe on your bag, jacket sleeves, and pants. When in doubt, add more.”

YET – However, we are thinking of a blog post about the fringe fashion trend. 



Think about your readers and their interests first.

Ageless Style added this last item. Our readers are our most important consideration. We just wish we had more of them! FYI: You can subscribe right now by clicking the blue button.


Steph and I hoped you enjoyed our parody on fashion blogs. Thank you to our loyal readers.

Till our next cyber visit…

Paula and Steph

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