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Ageless Style: Invasion of the Yoga Pant!

Yes, they are EVERYWHERE!  Restaurants, malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, and doctor offices…help!  Invasion of the Yoga Pant! 

Has America’s everyday fashion become too relaxed?  I think so.  For some time, the yoga pant or athleisure has become an everyday outfit trend.  This trend needs to be put to rest or shall we say savasana.

While yoga pants and athleisure wear are extremely comfortable, form-fitting, and sometimes stylish… it’s meant to be worn at the gym or fitness studio.  Consider the health point of view.  It is bad for your hygiene to go from the gym to running errands regardless of the material’s quality and sweat resistance.  This outfit is good for 1-2 hours out of your 24-hour day.

No matter how in shape one may be…there are other ways to show off that hard-earned body!  And for those who are not in shape…you may be wearing yoga pants because the material stretches with you.  While there is no scientific proof, imagine overeating in your yoga pants versus denim jeans that notify you when you’ve gone overboard.  Lycra and spandex will not tell you to stop but a denim button pop will!

So, what’s the alternate solution for women who don’t feel like getting dressed up every day because they don’t have “anywhere to go” or “they don’t know what to wear” or “choosing an outfit is too time-consuming and stressful?”

EASY! Let’s go back to our tracksuit trends!  Anyone remember Juicy Couture circa 1999?   This outfit was the epitome of a woman on the run!  Luxurious in material and label, this outfit was comfortable, stylish, and NOT MEANT TO WORK OUT IN.  It was a simple outfit made by two housewives who lived the 9-5 housewife lifestyle.  The velour was so soft and great for winter weather.  They expanded their line for the summer season with a terry cloth material.  The tracksuit came in pants, shorts, skirts and with a matching zip up hoodie.

Today, many designers are following this matchy-matchy, leisure look.  Brands like Wildfox, Vintage Havana, Sundry, Adidas, Alternative, and Juicy Black Label are some of my favorites just to name a few.  These brands are affordable and fashionable.  You can find them at major department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

There is not much thought needed for these outfits because the designs do it for you.  They even allow you to express yourself with witty slogans.  Accessories are not necessary; some designs are pearl embellished! Depending on the weather, any shoe will do!  If you are daring and fashion-forward, heels and jewelry are OK…and you don’t ALWAYS have to wear the look from head to toe.  SWITCH it up.  Wear the sweatpants with a t-shirt and a denim jacket or the sweatshirt with a pair of shorts and sandals.

Outfits like this are perfect for running errands and not being embarrassed to run into someone unexpectedly.  They are GREAT for traveling.  I love nothing more than to board an airplane in something stylish but comfortable.  Or lounge around the house all day in something other than my pajamas, which is not a motivating choice.

The moral of this story is SWEAT in yoga and SWEAT SUIT in life.

You can find these styles at the following stores: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Juicy Couture, WildfoxVintage Havana, Adidas, and Revolve.

So what do you think about the invasion? 

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