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Ageless Style Made a Movie!

Hello Friends,

Steph and I are excited to share our first venture into video land.  We made our video to show summer fashion fun and to spread the word about our new blog. 

Remember that fashion is a form of art and self-expression.  Ageless style is about having fun with fashion at any age.  And age should not dictate style.  A mature woman can buy and wear identical clothing as the younger woman.  It is how the mature woman chooses to style the clothing item that makes all the difference.  We do not have to dress our age.  We just need to look our best.   

People ask us – how can they achieve ageless style?  Our advice is simple.  First, understand who you are and why you select certain fashion pieces.  You need to be comfortable and beautiful in your outfits.  Second, don’t be afraid to break some fashion taboos.  Today’s attitude of anything goes makes our rule breaking easier.  Third,  wear clothing that fits you well.  Show off the best aspects of your silhouette.  Don’t stifle yourself in baggy clothing.  Lastly, express your inner glam and have fun!

Enjoy our little video…

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Till next time,

Paula and Steph


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