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Fashion Tips Ageless Style Learned on Vacation

When you go back to school in the fall, the teacher always asks on the first day, “What did you learn over the summer?”

Ageless Style just returned from a fabulous vacation in the United Kingdom.  Teacher, here is what I learned on my recent trip.

  • Stonehenge rocks date to 2500 B.C. Finally, something older than I am.
  • Shakespeare married at 18 to a pregnant Cougar, Anne Hathaway, 8 years his senior. You go, girl!
  • Winston Churchill was one of the first adopters of the ‘onesie’. I saw his 47-inch waist red onesie at the museum. Still traumatized.
  • Buckingham Palace’s 760 windows are cleaned every six weeks. Hurry to Publix and stock up on Windex!
  • Midult movement…I can hear your questions.
At Stonehenge
Shakespeare’s home in Stratford upon Avon

Let me explain that last bullet. I was reading the London Sunday paper enjoying my cuppa and scone dripping in clotted cream and jam. An article caught my eye, The Midults…20 things we know about fashion. Midults? Is that a word? Oh yes, so much more than a word.  It is a movement.

So, what is a midult? A midult is a 35 to 55-year-old female demographic name coined by developers of a new online platform targeting successful digitally literate Generation Xers.  The term is trademarked by a British media website, The Midult™, that caters content to middle age women.  Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan founded The Midult in 2016. They are journalists, worriers, and incredibly good friends rebranding middle age for the modern woman – anxiety issues and all.  They created a hilarious guide to middle age for the modern woman with the goals to delivers news, useful information, community, and connection. 

In its mission statement, The Midult website says it represents, “a new definition for a new generation … We wanted to take a fresh look at the power and potential of women like us: funny, digitally literate, and extremely anxious.”

In an English country garden

Back to my story…I finished eating my scone and started on my Eton mess. Delightful sugary bliss! I was curious to know the 20 fashion things so important to the midults. What drop dead fashion advice would be coming my way! Here are my favorite tips from the article.

“Support underwear is not always the solution.  It can make you look like a vacuum-packed sausage. It all has to spill out somewhere. Or just spread out. Nice.

Never buy the smallest size you can squeeze into. It will always look awful. And make you feel awful. Much better to tell your size demon (that fascist) to park it and buy something that fits.

Slip dresses are a no-no. Whatever Courtney Love or fashion editors might tell you, slip dresses make you look like you’ve been locked out of your house while putting out the rubbish. 

If a bra hurts… It probably bulges. 

Distressed clothing actually makes you look distressed. That directional, oversized holey jumper: MOTHS. The skirt with the frayed hem: CAUGHT IN THE CAR DOOR. Those jeans with the rips: DERELICT.

A good polo-neck is the fashion equivalent of eight hours’ sleep. Hides all manner of chins – sorry, sins. 

There is nothing better than a successful internet purchase. It makes you feel like you have won the lottery. You have defied the size gods, the delivery devils, and the fabric fakers and got something that fits and feels nice through your letter box. #winging”

I couldn’t have said it better. And so apropos for Ageless Style’s fashion philosophy. Don’t you just love the British sense of humor?

Do you have any other fashion tips for the Ageless Style readers? We would love to hear from you.

Till we meet again in cyberland.


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