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Ageless Style…The How To Guide

If you search the topic, ageless style, you find some of these comments…

“It’s not about age, it’s about style. And this is for every woman who refuses to be invisible.”  Alyson Walsh, Fashion Journalist (

“Being well-dressed is a discipline. It’s a talent. It’s a lifelong learning curve – and it can’t be done without an injection of fashion.” Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Writer (

“Don’t stick to conventional rules but the ones that make you look your best.” Carolyn Asome, Fashion Writer (

Fashion is challenging its traditional rules for the mature woman and is redefining age-appropriate dressing.  We are the women of today…vibrant, risk-takers, and reinventors of our looks and style at all ages.  Our blog will showcase how to dress stylishly at any age.  We will take you on a personal journey where fashion ageism is laid to rest.  You will emerge confident, fierce, and eager to try new looks.

There are many great blogs devoted to fashion.  What we will share is a twist on the typical fashion blog.  We will show you how a millennial and baby boomer can be styled in a manner that is ageless.  Each post will feature one clothing item.  Steph, our millennial, will show you how she would style the item.  Paula, our baby boomer, will wear the same item with her unique styling.  Mature women can buy and wear identical clothing as the younger woman.  It is how the mature woman chooses to style the clothing item that makes all the difference.  We do not have to dress our age.  We just need to look our best.

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