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A Shirt Tale with Ageless Style

What has a standard collar, 3/4 length sleeves, and buttons all the way down the front? 

The Iconic Shirtdress!


The shirtdress became very popular in the post-World War II American fashion culture and remains a classic wardrobe piece in 2018.  It all began with Christian Dior.  In 1947, Dior premiered his New Look collection filled with slender waistlines, long hemlines, and fuller skirts.   The dress, initially called the shirtwaist, was a feminine variation of a typical men’s shirt.  By the 1950s the world had embraced the shirtdress.  The dress’s utilitarian look made it appropriate attire for most daily activities, evening wear, and even participating in sporting events!  Imagine that! 


Since its early roots, the shirtdress’s appeal has remained strong; in part, due to its versatility.  The dress can go from work to play with a single swap of accessories.  It can bridge seasons by the addition of sweaters and jackets.  You can even add layers to the dress.  For example, wear a white-collared shirt under the shirtdress for a new look.


Over the years, the style has morphed into a myriad of designs.  Here are some examples of what you can purchase today.

Mini Shirtdress 

Midi Shirtdress 

Maxi Shirtdress  

Belted Shirtdress  

Beltless Shirtdress  

Sleeveless Shirtdress 

Mixed Pattern Shirtdress  

Floral Shirtdress 

Striped Shirtdress   

Plaid Shirtdress

Embroidered shirtdress 

So how did Ageless Style work with this classic design?  Let’s take a peak.


I have always loved the classic shirtdress.  I have several in my current wardrobe.  Perhaps my favorite is this black floral design with a full skirt.  I feel like Donna Reed in this dress.  I am transformed to a much simpler time and place.  This dress is a lot of fun to wear.  The black background makes it so versatile as a day to evening look.  The touch of lace adds that extra feminine touch.


This photo shows me wearing a classic blue and white striped sleeveless shirtdress.  Very fresh and summertime perfect.  Steph is wearing a blue and white striped dress with a wrapped skirt.  The cold shoulder and floral detail add a uniqueness to this look.  Though technically not the classic shirtdress, this garment brings a modernization to the iconic design.  Looks like we were having some fun.

Another busy week for the Ageless Style gals…where has August gone?  

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As summer draws to an end, we hope you take the time to enjoy your family and love yourself.

Till Next Time,

Paula and Steph

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