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Ageless Style: Are You Ready for This Look?

My family and friends thought I had lost my mind when I told them about my latest project…Ageless Style.  After all, why would a sixty-something retired educator start such an ambitious venture?  What did I know about fashion?  There are hundreds of fashion blogs in this highly competitive medium.  My answer is twofold.  I have a mission.  Firstly, I want to emulate today’s mature woman…vibrant, fun loving, confident, and engaged.  Second, I am having fun expressing my inner creativity! 

I asked Steph to join me because she is a great creative stylist.  She has taught me so much about fashion and helped me polish my look.  I enjoy our friendship…we see life from two different perspectives.  That friendship adds a unique richness to our blog. 

In keeping with the ageless attitude theme, today’s blog is not a “how to wear” leather pants…it is about wearing leather pants.  I admit I have two pairs…a real pair purchased in Italy and a faux leather pair. 

Here is our collaboration using my faux leather pair.  The pants are sleek faux leather infused with stretch comfort…I am all about comfort.  They give an edgy look to many styling combinations.  Plus, they are machine washable!  Ever so practical. 



Just in case…here are some nice options.  You can purchase these items on sale because we are in the summer season.  You can also get plus size versions.

Jones New York

Banana Republic

Calvin Klein available at Lord and Taylor

Wait until you see what’s in store for Part Two of this series!

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Till next time,

Paula and Steph







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