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Ageless Style – Do You Tutu?

When I first met Steph, I admired her unique sense of style. She combined apparel items so effortlessly and made each outfit look cohesive.

One day she arrived at work looking adorable in a floor-length pink tutu combined with a black off-the-shoulder top. She had me at tutu. I am a closet ballerina who has always loved anything tulle. Steph’s outfit was surprising. She did not give the impression of a little kid playing dress up…she looked like a woman having fun with fashion. It was refreshing and very individualized.

Steph in her pink tulle skirt styled with a t-shirt and pink sneakers.
Steph styled her pink tulle skirt with a green sweater, handbag, and checkered flat shoes.

I started thinking….it is possible to wear a tulle skirt as an adult. So, could a baby boomer wear such an outfit?  A Cosmopolitan article, 10 Pieces of Clothing You Should Never Wear as an Adult, lists the tulle skirt as a big NO. “When adults wear tutus, they look like escaped mental patients.” Well, that’s one opinion.

In the past several years we have seen tulle outfits enter mainstream fashion. They are no longer pigeonholed in the worlds of ballet, weddings, and proms. The fabric is light and airy – casual enough for street style and lavish for party attire. As with any clothing item, the trick is in the styling.

You know by now that Ageless Style is all about trying new looks. When looking for a tulle skirt, be prepared for a shopping extravaganza. Here are a few fashion tips for finding the perfect tutu.

Tulle skirts come in just about every color and length; they can be minis, midis, or floor length. They can be very fluffy and full or rather straight.

You can add a denim jacket, pullover, cropped top, or t-shirt to create the unexpected. And that is exactly what Steph did the day she wore her tulle skirt.

As for shoe selection, the skirt is most stylish with high heels but don’t hesitate to experiment with sneakers, flats, or boots.

Do you dare to be unexpected? I did. I found my midi navy blue tulle skirt at a local warehouse sale. I didn’t want to make a large clothing investment. Styling this outfit was a challenge as I am petite and pear-shaped. I didn’t want to look like a big fluffy cotton ball. 

Ready for the harvest fest party!

I selected two looks – a street style and a party outfit. For my party styling, I selected a monochromatic look paired with neutral shoes to help elongate my body. I added a belt for waistline emphasis. For the street styling, I opted for a fitted white t-shirt with tulle accents and my silver flat shoes. I added a belt to both looks for waistline emphasis. Here are my results.

Heading to the town fall festival.

Till the next cyber visit,

Steph and Paula

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