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Comfort and Style…Not an Oxymoron

Over the years, I have worn just about every trending pant style.  In college, I had the most fabulous navy and white-flowered bell-bottom pants aka Cher. I thought I looked like Cher with my waist length straight hair.  However, I was not seeking a Sonny.  In the 1980s, I remember my well-worn pair of faded 501 Levi’s jeans.  In those days you couldn’t purchase jeans with that faded worn-out look.  We had to wash them a hundred times before they were exactly right.  Yes, I had those high-waisted mommy jeans which are now trending again.  Just recently I purchased a pair of ultra skinny jeans from Paige in dark denim.  I squeeze into them and accessorize with my blue suede over the knee boots.  I feel edgy.  I wear the jeans with my ageless attitude. 

So, you see, I do try to keep up with the trends.  Lately, I have emphasized comfort as my primary focus when selecting new pants.  I remember watching HSN and seeing those elastic waisted pants and saying to myself…never.  Now I say to myself, why not?  The new elastic waistbands and stretchy fabrics bring style and comfort together for a modern look.  Have you ever heard of Krazy Larry pull-on pants?  I discovered them this spring.  Bright, colorful, skinny pull-on pants with elastic waistbands and stretch.  The Lissette Pant by Lissette L Montreal also has a slim fit and a clean, polished look that goes with anything and everything.  She designs women’s pants crafting that perfect fit for all women and all body types. 


I found this pair of black and white gingham print pants in Stein Mart this spring.  They fit my comfort and style prerequisites.  Plus, they were in sync with the gingham trend.  I have worn them many places and felt great all day.   In this look, I paired the pant with a cute black tee from Kate Spade.  I especially love the ruffled detail on the sleeves.  Steph’s sassy hat gives me that je ne sais quoi attitude. 


Steph styled my pants with a sequin camisole top and wedge sandals.  She looks great as always.  This picture shows the extra detailing on the pant legs…cutouts with pearl embellished buttons.  I think that the sassy hat looks much better on her. 

Comfort and style can go together.  They are not an oxymoron.  


Did you know that women’s pants first entered high fashion in the 1910s thanks to influential French designer Paul Poiret?  However, it took time before pants were a staple of the American woman’s wardrobe.

In the 1930s, Chanel previewed a line of pants acceptable as sportswear.

As late as World War II, women wearing men’s pants could be arrested for violating anti-cross-dressing laws. 

Fashion isn’t nearly as superficial as some might think; it links with social movements like the feminist movement, public figures like Jackie Kennedy, cultural fads like the fitness craze, and the development of technology.


Gingham Pants: (similar style available at The Gap and on sale!)

Black Ruffle T-Shirt: Kate Spade

Black Camisole J Crew: (available at Poshmark)

Black Wedge Sandals: Kate Spade

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Till next time,

Paula and Steph


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