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How To Style A Lace Skirt

 While visiting Park City, UT, last winter, I discovered a great small boutique called DiJore.  The boutique sold unique apparel and custom boots of all colors and styles.  I spotted a sign in the store that I loved.  It stated, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”  So true.  I talked to the manager, Marcyne, about our fashion blog concept.  She loved the idea and remarked how many men bring their wives into her store for a fashion makeover.  

I spotted an elegant black lace midi skirt with a handkerchief hem.  The extra detail in the skirt provided a more sophisticated vibe.  With a high-waisted fit and elastic waistband, the skirt was calling my name.   I thought the skirt would be perfect for any event in any climate.  I wanted to include it in our first Ageless Style photo shoot. 

Since I was unsure what top or jacket would work with this skirt, I turned to my fashion guru, Steph, for some fashion advice.  She loved the skirt and commented on its versatility of styling for daytime or evening.  Steph had some great ideas for some stylish finishing touches.


  • Soft white tee
  • Camisoles (white, black, blush, metallic)
  • Crewneck, V neck, turtleneck sweaters (black, gray, blush, metallic)
  • Cropped tops
  • Black leather jacket
  • White belted jacket


  • High heels
  • Sandals (with or without heels)
  • Boots (ankle to over the knee)
  • Sneakers

Steph’s Style Tip:  Style the skirt for your event and use your creative imagination!

So how did the baby boomer and millennial style this skirt? Let’s check it out.


Even though I am petite, this skirt falls just below my knee.  It does not overwhelm my height.  I like the see-through effect of the lace below the lining.  I opted to pair the skirt with my favorite silver metallic sleeveless turtleneck sweater. 

Yes, ladies…do not be afraid to wear sleeveless designs.  It upsets me to see many ladies cover their beautiful arms with shrugs.  Baby boomers…break the fashion paradigm to cover those arms. 

I accessorized with my silver necklace and silver shoes.  By now you know how much I love the look of heels.  They add just the right touch of jazz to this outfit.


Steph paired the lace skirt with a white cropped top designed with black ties on at the shoulders.  By adding the cropped top, she created an edgy and fun look suitable day or evening.  Her black felt hat (❤) and white boots (❤) created a vibrant youthfulness. 

PSST…I secretly wanted to wear her white booties…but we have different shoe sizes.  These booties reminded me of the Sixties’ white boot craze.  Let’s sing…all you Nancy Sinatra fans out there!


Black lace skirt by O2 Collection.  Check availability at DiJore.

White booties by Naturalizer.  Available at Macy’s.

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Till next time,

Paula and Steph


  • Elizebeth

    Hi, as it’s been so hot here in the Uk for some weeks now I have only been wearing dresses to keep cool , shorts are lovely , but at 58 , I don’t feel comfortable going out in them , am I alone ?

    • Paula

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, it has been a very hot summer in the US. I live in Florida. Here women of all ages wear shorts including myself (60 plus). We have a very casual culture. My advice to you is to be comfortable in your style choices. If it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it.

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