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“What do greasers, cowboys, hippies, rock stars, and rappers all have in common? An article of clothing that stands out in America’s sartorial history for being synonymous with change, independence, and  freedom: the jean jacket.”  Levi Strauss & Company

Every woman needs a stylish jean jacket no matter your age.   Yes, you can wear denim after age 50! Do you secretly have one stashed in your closet from nostalgic days gone by?  Rocker chics of all ages, retrieve your jacket and wear it in pride!  Jean jackets are having a revival due to the renewed interest for all things the Nineties.

The jean jacket goes with everything…jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, boots, you name it! It is an iconic classic wardrobe essential! Just search the internet and you will find many ways to incorporate it into your fashion style. Here are a couple of links that provide great style tips on how to wear a jean jacket.



Now to our models: the baby boomer and the millennial.


I have owned some version of a jean jacket since the Sixties (that is the 1960’s).  Right now, I have four of them: three in blue and one in red.  So, I have been an aspiring rock star for decades.  I love them for the comfort, convenience, and layering option (I am always cold).  However, I don’t see many women my age wearing them.  The jacket is a classic and an eternal wardrobe piece.  They have recently gained more popularity among the younger women.  They come in all color washes and lengths with intricate embellished decorative designs.  Steph and I are wearing a great jacket with decorative pearls on the sleeves…such a modern take on the classic style.  I just love it.



Steph loves jean jackets because she is very inspired by the Nineties.  She grew up during that time.  Jean jackets are very trendy among today’s millennials.  She says they are a perfect asset to any outfit.  Steph really likes the distressed and oversized design of this jacket.  The unique pearl embellishments make any outfit a true stand out.


Jacket by Sunset & Spring.  Available at Bloomingdales.


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Rock it out people!

Paula and Steph


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