Ageless Style: Mad About Plaid!

Early spring, I was shopping for some new pants.  As I selected yet another pair of conservative and boring gray, a navy windowpane plaid pair caught my eye.   I usually shy away from a bold pant especially plaid.  After trying on the pair, I was still uncertain and decided not to purchase.  My husband encouraged me to get the pants.  I am so glad he did. 

I have received many great comments from younger and mature women.  I pushed out of my comfort zone and tried something new.  Ageless Style is all about changing our mindsets and trying new fashion.  Don’t be afraid to take risks!!!!


Here I am modeling the plaid pants paired with a pale blue sweater and accented pearl trim. The polished fit sits lower on the waist with a sleek, tailored leg to balance and slim the hips.  The flat front flatters the abdominal area and creates a nice silhouette.


I was surprised when Steph said she wanted to use my outfit to show her millennial look.  Here is the perfect example of a millennial and baby boomer being comfortable ad stylish in the same clothing.  

This is AGELESS STYLE.  It is exactly what Steph and I are trying to show women of all ages.


Plaid pants by Banana Republic.


Coming Soon
Coming Soon

That’s all for today.  



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