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Pineapples Here, Pineapples There, Pineapples Everywhere!

Do you have any pineapples in your wardrobe?  More than likely you do, or you have seen pineapple motif clothing and accessories in the boutiques.  There are pineapples on dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, jeans, cell-phone cases, jewelry, scarves, and handbags… just to name a few items.  Besides fashion, pineapples are also trending in home goods and design.  I am reminded of the smiley face and peace sign crazes of the seventies.  It seems that the pineapple is emerging as today’s icon.  I started thinking about this trend…my first question was why?

How did a tropical fruit take on such prominence in fashion? 

What is the meaning behind the pineapple designs? 

Ever the research geek, I wanted to know a little more about the popular fruit’s origins.  It all started with Christopher Columbus.  Why does everything start with Christopher Columbus?  Anyway… he brought the fruit back to Europe where it became a sweet delicacy reserved for the nobility of the time.  Its possession became symbolic of wealth and stature.  Women of nobility hosted dinners and displayed lavish fruit centerpieces topped with pineapples.   As the fruit became more commonplace, its symbolism morphed into one of hospitality and friendship. 

Behold the pineapple…welcoming friends into your home for happy gatherings.  

Here at Ageless Style, we wanted to take on the pineapple trend in our way.  It is a fun and happy look…one that makes you smile as you wear the apparel.


Here I am in a very feminine brown cocktail-worthy dress with ruffles and pineapple print details.  The ruffle sleeves and flounce bottom enhance the movement of this flattering fit and flare design.  The dress pulls on with a center back keyhole.  It provides a very fresh appearance and a youthful shot of confidence for the mature woman.  

The 3D pineapple handbag is made of silky suede with leather trim and clasp closure.  There is ample room inside to hold all your essentials.  What a fun and unusual accessory!


Steph opted for the companion brown pineapple print jumpsuit for a charming take on cocktail attire.  The sleeveless jumpsuit features a ruffled neckline, tie waist, and flowing fabric.  It has a center back zipper and elastic waistband.  I like the slim silhouette with the emphasized waist and ankle length.  I can definitely see this flattering jumpsuit design on a mature woman.  



Dress by kate spade new york

Jumpsuit by kate spade new york 

Pineapple 3D Handbag by kate spade new york

What a fun post to write!  I learn so much about fashion every week…and I hope you also learn from me. 

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