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She Wore Blue Velvet

Remember Bobby Vinton’s 1963 hit? You don’t? You should check it out on YouTube.

Nothing epitomizes luxe allure as plush velvet fabric. With its smooth, soft texture and vibrant hues, velvet speaks of holiday mistletoe and cheer.  Velvet is back this year, and there’s no way the holidays are happening without it.

Looking for the perfect office party or gala outfit? Accomplish all your party looks this holiday season with a velvet dress – timeless and forever chic.

Black velvet is the classic go-to shade.

Don’t be afraid of color. You can find a velvet dress in many jewel-tone colors: deep blues, sapphire, burgundy, emerald green, bold reds, and pink. The updated velvet fabrics have embellishments such as pearls, crystals, sequins, and lace. There are velvet prints and plaids. 


Let your velvet dress be the star of your look. You don’t need to worry about accessorizing a velvet dress. The fabric makes your outfit pop. Wear a pair of coordinating shoes, carry a simple clutch, and maybe add a simple piece of jewelry.

Time to check out those velvet holiday dresses. Here are a few different styles. Lots of choices for you!

Happy Holidays!

Paula and Steph




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