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Cuddle Up with a New Fall Sweater Look!

Every fashion season brings a new twist on some old favorites. This fall is no exception. We all wear classic sweaters. Yet this season provides us with several new and cute styles. This Ageless Style post highlights our favorite new looks – the fuzzy and graphic print sweater.

Let’s talk about the fuzzy sweaters first. One word to describe this sweater is cozy. I want to be wearing my fuzzy sweater, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoying an inviting fireplace. These sweaters are fun, warm, and irresistible. There’s a fuzzy sweater for just about everyone. Different styles include a classic sweater, hoodie, cardigan, jacket or poncho. They can be oversized, exaggerated, chunky knits or fluffy, fine-knit, slim-fitting styles.  If you do not like embellishments or graphics, here’s an opportunity to look unique. Have fun! Ageless Style’s only caution is to beware of the Elmo muppet look.

Our next sweater trend is the graphic print. Just look at your selection in your favorite stores. You can buy sweaters with color-blocking, floral prints, bold prints, and just about any animal or animal print. Graphics provide some pizazz to any wardrobe. They jazz up any plain skirt, pants, or dress. Just use your imagination. Find a graphic that makes you happy.

For the Ageless Style’s interpretation of the graphic sweater, we selected an oversized, graphic print sweater from kate spade new york. The sweater is a relaxed mockneck cotton-cashmere blend with a watercolor-inspired stallion print. Here’s how we styled the sweater.


As a short woman, I am cautious of a long and oversized sweater. This sweater could easily overwhelm and envelop me. I decided to pair the sweater with a pop of color and selected my straight legged red pants. The pants complemented the white, grey, and black colors of the sweater. They also provided a slimmer silhouette for the bulkier sweater. To add more length to my body, I wore my red patent leather boots. Here is my result.


Steph paired the kate spade sweater with her faux black leather slim pants. She styled her outfit with houndstooth sneakers and her signature grey felt hat to complete her black and white ensemble. Here is Steph’s photo. As I have told you, Steph takes great photos and puts me to shame. Don’t forget to follow her on @hashtagretired.

We look forward to being with you again.

All our best,

Paula and Steph


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