Ageless Style: Checks Please!

Let’s face it…I love to shop. Spring and summer fashion looks always bring cheerful and happy designs. This season is no different. Look for soft pastels, blooming botanical prints, cool off-the-shoulder tops, wide leg cropped pants, and gingham prints of many colors.

There is something special about our love for gingham. It is cheerful and crisp with a timeless appeal.

How many of us remember wearing a special gingham dress in our childhood? I had a black and white gingham dress when I was 5 years old. I remember it so clearly. The dress was new and not a hand-me-down from my two older sisters! To this day, I am attracted to gingham prints and feel the nostalgia of my youth. Gingham is more than a trend…it is a classic.

Steph and I selected an off-the-shoulder blouse to illustrate our gingham fashion. I wanted the off-the-shoulder look to show mature women how fantastic they can look with exposed shoulders. We have a black and white gingham print. Remember that gingham is great in many colors like navy, red, green, yellow, and pink!                                         


Here’s Steph enjoying a break during our photo shoot. It was a warm day. Steph paired the gingham top with her skinny white jeans for a festive casual look. She accessorized with a bold black and white necklace and her signature white sunglasses.  Steph is ready for any event. Tres chic, Steph!


I wanted my gingham look to reflect a more playful sophistication…perfect for date night with my husband.

I paired my top with my classic black pencil skirt, black hose, and my favorite red heels. Heels add that special sensual touch to my outfit. The blouse needed a belt to define my waist. I created a belt out of Steph’s necklace and got the desired effect. For a better view of the blouse’s off-the-shoulder look on me, check out my bio on the About Us page.


Blouse by kate spade new york

White jeans by J.Crew


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