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You Can Wear Art?

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street,  fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” —Coco Chanel

Ashville, North Carolina, is a great spot for a vacation.  Nestled near the Appalachian Trail, the community is a wealth of art, bohemian vibe, and good eating.  On a recent visit, I found an arts and crafts fair.  Roaming through the fair, I noticed an exquisite vibrant blue dress.  The fabric had multiple blue hues and reminded me of the sea.  It almost appeared as ocean waves descending upon the shore.  As my favorite color is blue, I inquired about the dress and met its artistic designer, Heather Cohen

Heather is a textile designer and artist from Zimbabwe.  She hand paints using methods such as Batik, Shibori, tray dyeing, and watercolor applications.  She begins with a white fabric and creates unique motifs and designs.  My dress is an example of her artistic talent.  It is unique and a one of a kind limited edition.  I purchased my first wearable art clothing.

This experience prompted me to write a post about wearable art.


  • Wearable art is artwork for the body weaving the art, fashion, and craft worlds together.  It is separate from mainstream fashion. 
  • Each piece is made with all the artistic liberties of a painting or graphic design.  I have a friend, Leo Arbeznik, artist, and photographer, who creates fashion using his unique Color Blind Project collection.
  • Wearable art takes varied forms- sculptural or flat. 
  • It employs diverse techniques such as knitting, leather tooling, weaving, dyeing, and sewing. 
  • Wearable art is a huge trend first seen in Spring 2018’s runways.  Versace kicked off this Spring 2018 trend with the Icon collection, a graphic homage to popular Andy Warhol prints. 
  • When you purchase a piece of wearable art, you are investing in your style.  If you like the pattern or design, you will treasure it forever.  So, look for unique pieces to make your wardrobe different from others.
  • Through your wearable art purchase, you support the independent artists and designers.  But above all, you are wearing art. 

Check out my first purchase of wearable art from Heather.  A picture does not really capture the elegance of the fabric’s colors and design.  I hope that you will also support our independent artists and designers.  

If you have any wearable art in your closet, share a picture with us.  We would love to give the artist exposure.


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