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It is Monday morning after a great weekend.  Time to get dressed for work.  What do I wear today?  You go to the closet and pull out your go-to black sweater and pants.  It’s a no fuss day.  Before embracing that attitude, take a moment to stop and think.  What do your color and style choices say about you?  You subconsciously know that people will judge you based on your clothing.  However, do you know that some clothing colors work better than others for business success? The answer is yes; so, try to focus on your color rather than style choices.  It may be beneficial to your career. 

Research has demonstrated that color psychology is an extremely important element of the business world.  Colors impact our moods and the way other people respond to us.  So much thought is given to corporate logos, product designs, office decor and manufacturing environments in color design.  We should be giving that much thought when selecting our morning outfit.

The colors you wear brand you and say a lot about you—individually.  Survey your closet and notice what colors are most prevalent.   Let’s see what those colors might be saying about you, according to the psychology of color.

Color Guidelines for Office Attire
Check out how the different colors evoke feelings and attitudes.  What colors are you wearing to work? 

Bottom Line

How you dress is an important aspect of your business success. Think about your clothing color choices, particularly in important situations.  What is the color saying about you to others?  You want your business clothes to augment your expertise.  They should not be a distractor.

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