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Sponge Bob and Einstein…What’s the Fashion Connection?

Today’s stymieing question: what does Sponge Bob, van Gogh, la Tour de France, and Einstein have in common?  You can do it! 

They have the color, yellow, in common.

As Vincent van Gogh said…

In Ageless Style’s post on the psychology of color, Ageless Style – the Color of Sucess, we reported yellow was the color of happiness, sunlight. optimism, and laughter. But it also had a darker side and invoked feelings of ill health and sickness. I even found a reference that links yellow to insanity! Can you imagine?

So why have Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 fashion featured a prominent yellow connection? Have we all gone mad?

In a recent Cosmopolitan article, author, Lauren Adhav, made the case that Gen-Z Yellow is the new Millennial Pink. We can see all the shades of yellow in clothing…from bright and canary-colored (if you want to be noticed) to mustard, pastel yellow, and neon.

What happened to the 2018 Pantone color of the year, UltraViolet? Who What Wear reported that yellow is outperforming the purple in sales. Gen-Z Yellow is connecting with the younger consumers looking for genderless, optimistic and statement clothing. Gen-Z Yellow is a big trend right now.


Are you a Gen-Z Yellow lover?  I find yellow a difficult color to pull off with my blonde complexion. Maybe it is because I haven’t worn much of that color.  However, there is a yellow shade to complement everyone’s coloring.

Bright yellow is a warm color and does not complement a cool pinkish skin tone.  Redheads and women with porcelain skin and bright blue eyes, for example, can easily wear yellow.  It works as a striking comparison to their features.  Cool skin toned ladies would look better in pastel shades.  Warm ivory toned ladies look best in sunnier yellows.

Have you ever looked at the many hues of yellow?  You can literally go bananas.  Wikipedia reports that there are 61 shades of yellow in the color’s category.  Imagine trying to find the right shade to complement your complexion.  Subtle tonal differences could make or break the look on you.

I sense your panic.  Don’t be afraid.  Ageless Style is here to guide you.

Here is a quick skin tone guide to help you select the perfect yellow hue for your complexion.

Fashion Tip

Place the yellow toned fabric against your face to see if you can pull off the brightness.


There are many blog posts describing the Gen-Z Yellow trend.   These experts have provided useful fashion tips.  Here are some highlights to help you.

  • Wear it as part of a print.
  • Put yellow in your accessories: shoes, handbag, scarves.
  • Keep yellow away from your face by wearing a skirt or pants.
  • Mix yellow with other colors like the primary colors bold red, yellow and blue.
  • Keep garment details simple in dresses.
  • Avoid pairing yellow with black. Buzz, buzz, you bumblebee!
  • Use yellow as an embellishment such as feathers or beading.
  • Yellow can be great as racing or tuxedo stripes on pants.
  • Pair yellow with neutrals and pastels.
  • Yellow and chambray blue are a great combination.


I thought we could do a little experiment today.  Remember, I am a scientist at heart.  So here’s my fashion experiment. 

Here I am in three yellow dresses.  Each one is a different shade of yellow.  Let’s see which one best flatters my complexion. 




















Vote for your favorite shade.

Coming Soon

In case you had a burning desire…here are the answers to our question.

  • Sponge Bob is yellow.
  • Vincent van Gogh incorporated much yellow late in his life.  Historians believe he was going mad from lead poisoning.  Lead was present in his paints.
  • The leader in the Tour de France wears a yellow jersey.
  • Einstein loved the color yellow.

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Till our next posting.  Love yourself and your family.



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