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Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Wow!  Looking for ways to beat the heat the heat this summer?  With temperatures soaring across the country, we are all feeling the dog days of summer.  Always a curious fashion blogger, I decided to research ways to stay cool with clothing choices.  Let’s see if I can help you keep your cool.

  1. Wear long flowing, loose-fitting clothing such as a maxi dress.  Clothing that minimizes contact with your body will be more comfortable.


  1. Avoid wearing apparel made with flimsy fabric. A lightweight fabric without texture is inclined to stick to various body parts.  Not only uncomfortable but could be quite embarrassing…select lightweight apparel like a bohemian top embellished with embroidery and seams.  You can find some cute bohemian tops in the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale.


  1. Select apparel made with natural fibers such as 100% cotton or linen. These fabrics are breathable, absorb sweat better than synthetics, and dry faster.  Remember that cotton is the fabric of our lives.


  1. Covering your skin to protect it from sun damage also protects your body from direct sunlight and increased body temperatures. Have you ever noticed that lawn maintenance personnel wear long sleeve shirts?  They are body cooling experts.


  1. Hats are a must to keep cool. The best hat is made with straw so that air can flow in and out.  Panama Jack women’s straw-hat collection boasts ultimate sun protection as well as style and affordability.


  1. Change out your large tote or backpack for a smaller handbag. Clean out your bag and reduce the weight you are carrying.  Just something as simple as a bag change can help you stay cooler.  There are some exceptionally great straw versions to match your new hat!  You can shop at Neiman Marcus or Walmart for one that suits your style.


  1. Wear unlined jackets, dresses, and skirts and avoid an extra layer of fabric.


  1. Chill your jeans. If you must wear full-length denim during the summer, place your jeans in the freezer overnight. For maximum cool, put them on just before you leave the house. You are cool as a cucumber in your below-the-waist areas.  A brilliant idea!


  1. Wear white and light-colored clothing? We have all heard that white clothing is supposed to keep us cooler in the summer.  White is the unofficial summer color.  However, according to the laws of physics, white does not keep us cool.  Here is an excerpt of a post from explaining why black is the best color to wear in the summer.  I think you will find it enlightening.  You should take a quick read.

“This means that white clothing reflects a great deal of wavelengths of energy coming in. This means it should reflect the sun’s rays back, instead of letting them cook us. And that’s perfectly correct.

Except that this explanation is also incomplete. Heat is not just coming in off the sun. It’s also coming off a person’s own, sweating, warm-blooded, mammalian body, which is a lot closer than the sun is. When all that body heat hits the white clothing covering it, it gets reflected right back towards the body. When we wear white, we cook ourselves.”


Any other tips out there to share with us?

Here at Ageless Style, Steph and I decided to show you our all-white outfits for a cool summer look.  That was before we learned about the physics of white and black.  I never really enjoyed physics class.  I guess I should have paid more attention.


Here I am in a white pineapple top with a white eyelet skirt.  I was attracted to this skirt because it was not something I usually select and wear.  I was trying to be bolder with my clothing selections.  I was really happy when Steph told me she liked the way this skirt displayed my over sixty curves. The open weave fabric of the skirt allows a flow of air for my legs.  Unfortunately, it is lined with a very stiff synthetic fabric, which is a little warm.  The cotton t-shirt is perfect for wicking the heat and making me cooler.  I really liked the overall effect of this combination.  


Steph took my white t-shirt and styled herself in her favorite white denim jeans.  I love her coordinated pineapple espadrilles.  She should have chilled her jeans overnight in the freezer!  She looks cool, chic, and ready to party. 


T-shirt: available at

Skirt: similar skirt available at

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