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Mastering Scarf Tying 101

I love the look of a brightly colored scarf paired with the perfect jacket.  Unfortunately, I am not very good at making a scarf appear effortlessly placed.  In other words, tying a scarf is a skill.  It looks easy but looks can be deceiving.  So, Ageless Style wanted to help you achieve that stylish je ne sais quoi.

STEP 1.  Look on YouTube for help.

I located many YouTube videos which provided me 15 to 20 ways to tie a scarf in 2 minutes flat.  I eagerly viewed and tried to imitate the 20 looks.  The videoes were so fast that I gave up after the first three ties.  But if you want to give it a try, here is the YouTube link. 

STEP 2.  Find a cheat sheet.

I guess I am old school.  I needed something with a picture.  So, I found a simple diagram showing six different ways to tie an infinity scarf.  After studying this set of instructions, I was able to perform 5 out 6 ties.  I said to myself, “You are making progress.  Don’t give up!”

STEP 3.  Practice makes perfect.

Boldly taking my infinity scarf, I practiced my skills to the point where I was confident. 

STEP 4.  Make a video to show you.

This step was so easy to write.  However, the actual execution took some time.  It was my first video experience doing ad lib.  Where do I make the video?  What do I say?  What should I wear?  How much makeup do I need so I don’t look like a ghost?  How do I record?

After many takes…I think I was in the 20’s, here is my instructional video.  I hope it helps you become a master of infinity scarf tying.  I started with an easy one.  Next time I will advance to a square or rectangular scarf. 

Please enjoy Scarf Tying 101!

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Have fun this week.  Be safe.  Love yourself and your family.



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