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Wear the Right Color to Look Younger…Part Two

5 Tips for Selecting Your Best Colors

Here’s the second part of our interview with Gail, our image consultant and stylist from Act 2 A New You.  We learned last week that color can improve our skin tone and help us look great.  Now you are wondering, how do I know what colors are best for me?

AS: How can we identify our best colors?

GAIL: Identifying the best colors for you can be challenging. You may want to enlist a friend to help with an objective eye or hire a professional color consultant.  Start with determining your skin undertone grouped into the following three categories: 

  • warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
  • cool (pink, red or bluish undertones) or
  • neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

AS:  How do we determine our skin undertone?

GAIL: Here are some tips to follow.

    1. Look at the veins inside your wrist.  Are they blue or green?  If they look bluer, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm.  It is worth noting, warm ladies, that your veins aren’t green-they look it because you are seeing them through the yellow-toned skin (yellow + blue = green).
    2. Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry. Which one makes you look more radiant, glowing, and awake?  Silver = cool and gold = warm.
    3. Think about what neutral shades flatter you best.  Do your skin, eyes, and face look better in bright white and black hues, or ivory, off-white and brown/tan shades?  The former means you are probably cool-toned and the latter, warm.
    4. When you are out in the sun, does your skin turn a golden brown (warm-toned), or does it burn and turn pink first? Fair-skinned cool women will simply burn, while medium-skinned cool-toned women will burn and then tan.
    5. Identify with a celebrity.  Warm undertones:  Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman;  Cool undertones:  Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler.

AS:  Once we identify our skin tone, how does it translate into color choices?

GAIL:  As a general rule, warm-toned women should lean towards yellow, orange, brown, yellow-green, ivory, and warm red.  Cool-toned women should wear blue, green, pink, purple, blue-green, magenta, and true “blue-based” red. 

The above guidelines have other variables to consider.  Ethnicity plays a vital role in determining your natural color palette.  

  • African American women tend to have more brown in their skin pigmentation ranging from mahogany, ebony, gold, and copper. 
  • Latino women tend to have slightly more red and brown pigment and may be categorized as rose, onyx, topaz, or bronze.  
  • Caucasian women have more red and yellow in their skin pigmentation which also must be considered.
From Health Line

AS:  So how does the color, black, fit into the scheme?  Is classic black a universal color for all women?

GAIL:  Many women tend to wear black for its slimming effects.  In addition, black is a color of power, mystery, and sophistication.  All around black is a useful color and goes with just about everything.  

However, while black suits just about everybody, it may not be the best “neutral” color.  For example, if you have porcelain skin, wearing it near your face will make you look even paler. Depending on your undertone (cool vs. warm), navy, gray or shades of brown may be a better choice.

Gail’s Bottom Line

Know you can truly wear any color. The key is to choose the shades, tints, and undertones to enhance your coloring.

Think about the compliments you receive when wearing an outfit.  I bet they are related to the colors you are wearing. 

Thanks, Gail.  Hope this information can keep us looking great!  Gail can be reached at

Does anyone want to help Coco with her colors?

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