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Wear the Right Color to Look Younger…Part One

I volunteer at Dress for Success Palm Beaches.  The organization’s mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.  We have many dedicated ladies working to help women become employed.  One of these ladies is Gail.  Gail is an image consultant and has styling experience from her own business, Act 2 A New You.  She is also a color specialist who taught me about the importance of color in apparel.  I asked Gail to provide some color information for Ageless Style, so we can all benefit from her advice.

AS: Why is color an important consideration when selecting clothing?

GAIL: Your clothes should work in harmony and balance with the coloring of your skin, hair, and eyes.   If you are dressed in the right colors, people see more of you than the clothes you are wearing.   Once you understand the right colors, the benefits include:

  • You gain confidence from knowing that the colors you are wearing are those that flatter.
  • Shopping will become easier, the choice of colors second nature.
  • You will always have in your wardrobe the right combination of colors to wear, saving time and money.

AS: Is there a difference between younger and mature women’s choices of color?

GAIL: We are all born with perfect skin, beautiful eyes and healthy hair, the colors of which are genetically balanced together.   Over the years, environment, diet, and everyday stresses can all take their toll on how we look.  

As we age, our hair color will fade or change to another color.  Your skin tone will be affected by those menopausal hormones, as well as by climate, diet, and lifestyle.  Our eye color may also lighten and soften over time.  Therefore, if you had your color analyzed years ago, your recommended color palette may well change as you age.

AS:  Does the right color choice affect the appearance of age?

GAIL: Absolutely!  When you wear the colors that flatter you will look younger, more rested, healthy, and vital. You will know the color is right when:

  • Your face appears to be fit from underneath.
  • Your skin appears smoother, fresher and blemishes are minimized.
  • Your eye color is enhanced.

 Choosing the wrong colors will give you that blah, worn-out look.

AS: So how do we know what colors are best for us as we age?   

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Gail.

Here’s a picture of Gail and me as we identified my best color palette.  Gail can be reached at

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